Do you ever have those moments where you experience something in nature - the view at the top of a really treacherous hike, a waterfall towering stories over you with water barreling down, the silence of being alone in a boat in the middle of a lake - and you're just taken aback? You know, that moment when your whole body gets thousands of tiny goosebumps and you're just in awe of your surroundings?

That's when happened when I first watched this video captured by a local, SouthCoast photographer earlier this week. Peter Mello from Fall River was at Horseneck Beach in Westport on Wednesday for one of the most fiery, blazing sunsets I've ever seen. I wish I had been at Horseneck in person that night to see the view with my own eyes!

As if things couldn't get any more picturesque, Mello was able to capture a woman riding her horse along the water as the waves came in. Mello wrote that Wednesday was the second to last day for dogs and horses at Horseneck Beach until September 15, so certainly the woman and the horse in the video were enjoying their last moments of the season in Westport.

Mello has taken to both Instagram and TikTok to share stunning footage from across the SouthCoast, with other videos at Ned's Point Lighthouse in Mattapoisett and Gooseberry Island in Westport.

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