At first, I thought the sound of "Salad Frosting" was kind of gross. Now I'm debating on whether or not Kraft is crazy smart or reaching for something.

Kraft's thinking behind labeling ranch dressing with the new title of "Salad Frosting" is to hopefully get kids to eat more leafy greens. I'm thinking this is just a reach at an attempt to sell more ranch.

I remember in high school ranch and ketchup (or mayo and ketchup) were the go-to when I needed to dip my fries in something. I never put ranch on my salad. Pretty sure I put ranch more on my pizza and Buffalo chicken wings than I do on a salad.

Kraft posted this parody video (at least I hope it's a parody) to promote this new packaging:

Now, I'm all about letting the kids believe there is a Santa and even the Easter Bunny but I'm pretty sure we should start telling kids to put "frosting" on their salads. When someone says frosting, all I think is what kind? Chocolate? Whipped?

Now the question is, parents, do you think this will work on your kids? Would you even try it? I'm just going to still do vinaigrette salad dressing.

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