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Pretty much every gathering I get invited to or hold myself, I always get the ingredients to make Buffalo Chicken Dip.

It's always the hit, although making it isn't my favorite pastime. I'm not much of a cook even with something as basic as this dip.

I'm not very consistent when I come to making it. There have been a handful of times where I didn't use enough hot sauce or had too much ranch (as if that was a thing). I could literally eat this stuff every day if I could just get the recipe right.

I always thought, wouldn't it be awesome if you could just buy Buffalo Chicken Dip already made, you know, like most of the dips and salsa at the grocery store?

Well apparently, I live under a rock. Frank's Red Hot Sauce has been selling this pre-made goodness for a few years now. What?!? How has no one told me about this? They sell it at Sam's Club, which isn't really that close to us. Then I went to Amazon and BAM! there it was.


Limited supply, though. I can't believe I didn't think to look on Amazon for this yummy treat. They have everything on Amazon.

They obviously sell out of this goodness so I'll have to stock up and I'm thinking you should too.

Pretty sure this is a game-changer. Reading the description, you can warm this pre-made dip up in the microwave or eat it cold. Let me order some and I'll let you know how good it is. If you have tried this stuff, let me know what you thought of it.

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