Ryan Seacrest
David Buchan/Getty Images

Ryan Seacrest won't be missing from your TV after American Idol wraps on its final season. The host has already got a new reality show on Fox.

Stick with what you know must be Seacrest's motto because the Idol host already has another reality TV hosting gig lined up with Fox that will debut next month.

The show even keeps him working with Idol producer Simon Fuller!

So what is Seacrest up to now?

Well his new show is Knock, Knock Live and the concept is that his team shows up at unsuspecting people's homes, schools or even offices and offers them the chance to win a big cash prize, a meet and greet with their favorite celebrity or to "turn their dreams into reality."

The show's site says "anything can happen" and they give examples like having your mortgage paid off by playing an impromptu game or having a pop star perform a concert on your front lawn.

Seacrest will be back in a studio as his team does the traveling, but all the unsuspecting contestants will be live on TV when the cameras show up.

The show premiere June 21st and you can sign yourself or someone you know up on their website.

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