As someone who has Raynaud's and literally went running this morning without gloves, IT'S THE WORST! I ran for 5 minutes and had to go home to get my gloves, it almost felt like I had frostbite just from those 5 minutes, CRAZY!

In mild terms, Raynaud's is basically when you get very little blood circulation to your hands and feet in cold temperatures, making matters worse seeing that's when you need the circulation the most to keep your hands and feet warm (or at least nor frigid).

Lara Harrington of The Standard Times is reporting that after years of frustration her key to masking the symptoms is dry brushing. "To dry brush, take a medium-bristle body brush and using short light strokes, brush your entire body. Start at the toes and work toward the heart. Do the same for your arms — start at the fingers and work toward the heart" (Harrington).

As someone with the condition, I'm going to give it a try for sure, even if you don't have Raynaud's but your hands and/or feet get cold outside, TRY IT!

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