A true sign that the music industry is changing might be when an artist releases a song without any help from a record label and it goes all the way to the top. That's exactly what happened with Arizona Zervas.

Arizona is from Maryland and has actually been releasing music since 2016, building a loyal fan base for years. It wasn't until this year when his song got on TikTok and then later placed on a playlist on Spotify did the world get to see just how loyal his fan base was.

Arizona's song "Roxanne" went straight to the top of Spotify's streaming chart and beat out names like Travis Scott and even Post Malone for the top spot.

Arizona would be the first to ever do this without any record label helping him. It wasn't until just this month that Mr. Zervas was signed by Columbia Records and is now being pushed for radio airplay.

Yes, you better believe I played it on Fun 107. It's a catchy song for sure. In case you missed it and haven't seen it all over TikTok, here it is:

Catchy, right? Arizona has been gaining listeners on Spotify like crazy, currently sitting at over 11 million and counting. He just finished up a 50-stop tour around the country. He may be an actual overnight success that has been working his butt off for years.

What do you think about his first go at a single on the radio? Is "Roxanne" wicked good? Or is it totally whack? Vote now and you can help us decide whether we should at it to the Fun 107 playlist.

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