It's an industry that never sleeps. At any time of day around the world, the music industry is making money off the music their artists release.

Even Fun 107 is paying the artists royalties every time we play their song on our radio station.
Record labels are big promoting machines, closely watching your streaming and our airplay of their artists. It's a big marketing firm for music.

Week after week, we here at Fun 107 spend hours talking to record reps about their artists and why they deserve to be played on Fun 107. This week that isn't happening out of respect for much of the music industry and its long history of successful Black artists. Many who run and work for these music giants took to the streets to protest and used the hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused.

As we know, much of our music comes out of Black culture. There's no denying record labels have been making tons of money off a community that is in pain and angry right now. So it wasn't enough to just put aside their agenda of getting their artists airplay on the radio.
Many record labels are putting their money where their mouth is and donating historic amounts of money to social justice organizations.

Currently, the only record label that has publicly announced its commitment is Warner Music Group, home to artists like Ed Sheeran, Cardi B, and Bruno Mars. WMG vowed to donate $100 million to help the cause.

Capitol Records, home to artists like Katy Perry and Sam Smith, has also pledged to donate to the Color of Change organization, but no financial amount was disclosed.

We anticipate more will be done as the days go on and there are talks that more initiatives from the record labels are in the works.

Being the music director for Fun 107, it's important to me to continue to have relationships with record labels that take their responsibility seriously.

What do you think? Are the labels doing everything they should be?

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