On Saturday, April 1st, Brooklyn native and Rhode Island resident Ross Levine will defend his middleweight title for Karate Combat in Miami, Florida.

As the fight game continues its rise in popularity, fans who are new to the sport may think it’s all about glory, fame, and the pinnacle fight night, and while all three of these areas are desirable, they are merely the cherries on top of a sundae that was made with blood, sweat, and tears.

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As the wife of a world champion, I quickly learned the amount of sacrifice it takes to be at the top, and if you think all the hard work comes on fight night, you are wrong.

Last June, Ross secured the middleweight title against the former champion and has been grinding ever since, waiting for his chance to defend what he earned.

After he won, I expected a binge of celebrations, but Ross was right back in the gym, trying to improve what I believed was already the perfect fighter.

Where some champions may get complacent with reaching the top, Ross is more focused on being better than the day before.

And while fight fans may think the hard work is when the lights are on and the opening bell sounds, the people that are immersed in the fight game know all too well that the work has already been put in.

There are no date nights because he has to calculate his calories every day.

There is no sleeping in because he has to get to the gym and outwork everyone.

As a wife of a world champion, I had to become comfortable with the idea that his sacrifices are my sacrifices. His desire to be great is now my desire to support that mission, and his dream of leaving behind a legacy is my dream of making sure it comes true.

That’s why, when he enters the pit on Saturday night, I will be in there with him, watching in awe as he puts on a display of athleticism, heart, and calculated violence.

Tune in to the Karate Combat Youtube page on Saturday, April 1st to watch my husband, Ross, defend what is so rightfully his!

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