I competed in a Crossfit competition last weekend. I was on Team Avalon, sponsored by Avalon Medical Spa.

The competition had what was called a "Menage A WOD" theme, meaning mixed-gender teams of three. Our team had Flavia from Avalon Medical Spa, myself and John Brum.

Here's the problem. Avalon Medical Spa took a bunch of pictures, and it looks like I'm working in exactly zero of them. One of the workouts rotated three people: the first is doing kettlebell swings, the second is holding a dumbbell straight up in the air, and the third is resting. Guess what I was doing when the picture above was taken and plastered on Avalon Medical Spa's Facebook page?

There's another picture of me watching Flavia lift a barbell. At least I'm standing up and being active; it almost looks like I'm coaching her. Regardless, the average person looking at these photos would be convinced that I was a spectator as opposed to a participant.

Avalon 2

Here's the thing: my joints aren't getting any younger. I don't know how many of these Crossfit competitions I have left in me. I mean, I have no plans on stopping, but at some point, I will have done my last Crossfit workout.

It would be nice to have a picture or two that shows I actually participated in the competition.

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