If you missed it, here are the answers to last weeks Rock and Fox Show Morning Mindbenders.

Monday 1/21

Question: Most husbands know this about their wife but would never admit it to them.

Answer: Their mom's cooking is better.

Tuesday 1/22

Question: Thanks to technology, we spend 40 minutes less per week doing this than we did in the 80's?

Answer: Going to the bank.

Wednesday 1/23

Question: New research out today says Millennials are much more willing to do THIS than baby boomers and Gen Xers

Answer: Pay for shipping.

Thursday 1/24

Question: Chances are, you had about 106 of these last year, what are they?

Answer: A good night's sleep.

Friday 1/25

Question: Odds are you'll spend $80 on this in the next two weeks, what is it?

Answer: Super Bowl Sunday.

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