We know that this time of year can be tough on your budgets, so the Rock and Fox Show is paying your bills!

Let's face it, sometimes we can get out of hand when it comes to spending money over the holidays. It's all great until January and February hit and you have to deal with the reality of credit cards bills, or bills you ignored over the holidays.

That's why the Rock and Fox Show Pays Your Bills every year right around this time.

We team up with Diane Lopes Tax and Accounting Service and the Seaport Inn Bar and Grill to give you a little financial relief.  Every Friday, we log into Fun 107's PayPal and take care of a bill that's really been bugging you! Maybe it's the cell phone bill or the credit card bill. Whatever it is, we're happy to take care of it, up to $250.

If you'd like to enter to have the Rock and Fox Show Pay Your Bills this Friday, you can enter right here.


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