For the next two weeks, Rhode Islanders will be casting their votes for a new state license plate. The choices have been narrowed down to five, and it has me wondering: Is it time for Massachusetts to follow suit?

The wave plate has been in use for almost 30 years, and the Rhode Island Divison of Motor Vehicles unveiled five potential choices, narrowed down from over 900 submissions.

Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee told The Providence Journal, “They illustrate Rhode Island’s independent spirit, each in a different way.”

Honestly, all the options are a huge upgrade from the simple wave we have now, and I think it’s time for Massachusetts to get a little more creative than just red lettering.

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Michael Rock, cohost of "Michael and Maddie" on Fun 107, however, isn’t on board with any changes.

“I think (the license plates) are classy and elegant,” he said on the morning show this week. “I’m a traditional guy. I don’t like change.”

Some, not all, of the new Rhode Island plates give a glimpse into what the Ocean State is all about. Two depicted the Newport Pell Bridge while the others stay on-trend with an ocean theme.

CBS Boston/Youtube
CBS Boston/Youtube

The opportunities are endless for what could go on the Massachusetts license plate, to really depict the heart and soul of the Bay State.

Michael suggested Paul Revere or John Adams as the backdrop. Gazelle, morning show producer, threw Sam Adams into the hat of ideas, and we all agreed that the Massachusetts state seal would be an excellent choice.

What do you think? Is it time for Massachusetts to upgrade their license plates or do you agree with Michael on sticking with the red lettering?

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