Next time you hit the beach in Rhode Island, you may want to stop for a burger. That's because a Narragansett hot spot right near the beach has officially been dubbed one of the best burger places in the country.

Yelp reviewers have offered up so many rave reviews for Crazy Burger Cafe and Juice Bar on Boon St in Narragansett that it landed at #13 on Yelp's 2023 Top 100 Burgers in America list.

The list featured burgers wrapped in French puff pastry, burger sushi rolls and even burger hoagies, but if you want what reviewers called "the most interesting burgers anywhere", you need to go to Narragansett.

So what's so special about Crazy Burger?

Perhaps it's all the spice they serve up. The menu is packed with burgers like the Whassupy burger featuring a sesame- fennel -wasabi rubbed burger topped with Brie and onion rings with wasabi mayo on the side and the Quirky Cajun burger with a Cajun spice rubbed patty served with Creole catsup.

There's also lots of options for vegan diners. Crazy Burger has three different vegan patties on the menu, like quinoa, roasted tempeh and even a mushroom burger.

They also do something many SouthCoasters would love - serve burgers on toasted bolos lêvedos (Portuguese sweet muffins) instead of traditional buns. Yum!

Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar via Facebook
Crazy Burger Cafe & Juice Bar via Facebook

Definitely worth a little burger road trip to the beach.

If you want to plan a longer burger road trip however, Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge came in at #93 on the list and the #4 burger from Gordan Ramsay is going to be served up at Foxwoods when their Hell's Kitchen location opens this summer.

Or you could always dig into something a little more local...

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