If you have ever driven in Rhode Island, there is a strong chance that you were on the receiving end of road rage.

I experience it daily, and Forbes Advisor is backing me up on this one with their latest study.

According to Forbes, Rhode Island ranks 2nd for the most confrontational drivers in the country.

Personally, I’m shocked we aren’t number one.

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How Forbes Collected Its Data

To determine which states have the most confrontational drivers, Forbes Advisor conducted a survey of 10,000 licensed drivers and compared all 50 states across nine key metrics.

State ranking is determined by nine metrics that reflect road rage, such as the percentage of drivers who have been yelled at, the percentage of drivers who have been tailgated, and road rage resulting in physical altercations.

Forbes Advisor’s Findings

Looks like Arizona is filled with road-raged drivers with a "perfect" score of 100, and it's Rhode Island that comes in second place, with a total of 98.46 out of 100.

Rhode Island drivers tied with drivers from Alabama and Illinois for being most likely to report that another driver has tried to block their car from changing lanes, and 96.5% of Rhode Island drivers are most likely to report that another driver has yelled at them, insulted them, cursed at them or made threats.

This one, I can relate to. I have experienced countless Rhode Islanders flipping the bird or cursing me out on the road. One time, I even had a passenger of the car in front of me lean out of his window, hold up a knife, and scream at me to pull over.

I didn’t pull over.

If you think Massachusetts is worse, this study puts Mass drivers in 16th place.

I guess Rhode Island drivers are just a different breed.

Or just plain angry.

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