When I thought I'd seen it all when it comes to online shopping, this one takes the cake.

I suppose I can thank the rabbit hole I fell on Facebook Marketplace for this unanticipated compulsive desire, but one look at this magical watercraft and I was head over heels.

A woman in Barrington, Rhode Island is selling her 1994 "seahorse" waverunner and I'm five minutes away from asking my bank for a loan.

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Ashley Keenan is the owner of this wonderful Waverunner and posted it to the Marketplace on Monday, July 24th. I'm astounded that she got no bites quite yet but I do not doubt that someone will come along and snag it while the summer has just begun and the weather is ripe.

It's clear that Keenan took great care of her mystical vessel within her description:

"Live your Barbiecore dreams with this 1994 Yamaha WR500 Holographic Seahorse.

Cheaper than getting your kid a real pony

New wear ring, currently reupholstering white vinyl seat. Flushed after every saltwater run. Fires right up!

Sold on double jetski trailer. Have paperwork on ski, bill of sale only for the trailer."

It's the "cheaper than getting your kid a real pony" that sold me, despite not having any children. Clever marketing for the win and an overall decent price. A jet-ski with a double trailer for only $3,000? That's a steal.

Message her if interested, but I would move quickly. This gem will sell soon and make someone's summer the best one yet.

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