Traveling by school bus may not have been your favorite as a kid, but this converted Blue Bird bus for sale in Swansea can definitely change all of that.

Kyle Haviland has listed a 2003 converted Thomas 36’ Skoolie for $50,000 in the Facebook Marketplace and for those who can't decide if they want a tiny house or an RV more, this is your compromise.

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Once a way for kids to get to school, this diesel powered bus could now be taking you on amazing adventures. The conversion is about 90% complete according to the listing, which means you could put the final touches on for yourself.

The beginning touches aren't bad at all however.

Along with taking out seats to add a long couch and TV stand in the living room area, a fridge, storage and counterspace in the kitchen area plus a queen size bed at the back for a bedroom space, this bus has one unique feature.

A wood stove.

Yes, in the living room is a small wood stove that can heat the whole bus and keep winter travelers comfy and cozy no matter how far North they go.

It's something I've never seen in a bus, but is definitely a cool addition if you ask me.

Other awesome additions are the roomy shower with a skylight, the composting toilet and the rooftop solar power for electricity on the go.

Admittedly it does need some finishing touches, but if you've always wanted to take off in a converted bus this one doesn't seem like a bad way to travel at all. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.

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