Facebook Marketplace is a wonderous land of the most random items for sale. You never know what you're going to find.

I came across a sweet-looking 2011 taco truck that was in immaculate condition in Fall River and had to find out more about it.

TJ Lalumia is a Fall River resident whose big culinary plans fell through despite all the work he put into the renovations.

"I bought it a year ago and it took me five months to get it going before work picked back up again," Lalumia said. "It was a lemon when I bought it. I had to fix everything and also redo the roof."

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Lalumia bought the taco truck in hopes that he would be able to work it, but eventually decided that he doesn't have the time.

Courtesy Tj Lalumia
Courtesy Tj Lalumia

"I’ve completely gutted this unit and installed a new water heater, water tank, all new lines and a new roof. You name it, I did it," Lalumia said. "She’s ready to go and has already passed state health inspection. I'm also selling a van to tow it and they can be packaged as a deal."

Raised in Newport, Rhode Island, Lalumia was a sous chef at Percy’s Bistro and Blue Grotto Federal Hill, as well as the lead sauté cook at Clarke Cook House. He also was executive head chef at the old Palma Restaurant in New Milford, Connecticut.

"I never went to culinary school. I was trained on the job at the restaurants I worked for," he said. "We call it a street chef."

The taco truck is mobile and fully functional. As a bonus, Lalumia is throwing in his very own birria taco recipe with the sale.

He's asking $12,000 for the truck, which could kickstart a whole new culinary adventure for the right buyer.

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