Planning a wedding is far from easy and it’s usually accompanied by money stress. Between the dress, the venue, and the entertainment, it becomes the most expensive evening of any couples’ life.

One local bride is in the midst of financial concerns as she plans her 2021 wedding, and knowing that she’s not alone, decided to start an online thread that will help her fellow brides pay for their big day.

Amber Lynch is from Warwick, Rhode Island and is currently planning her October wedding.

“We’re paying for our own wedding and we are trying to come up with extra money,” Lynch said. She knows firsthand that weddings are not cheap and came up with a plan that has some serious potential to help other brides.

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She posted to a popular wedding Facebook group that she wants to help pay some of the expenses for the weddings of other brides, in hopes that other brides would do the same for her.


“There’s so many people in this group that if one person decided to donate one to five dollars, it could really help some people out,” she said. “I’m going to pick a few random people to surprise in their Cash App.”

She instructed the brides to post their accounts on Cash App, Venmo, etc., in hopes that local brides would pay it forward to each other. Hundreds of brides responded with their accounts and dates of their special day, giving praise to Lynch for a great idea.

Milli Perez writes, “This is a cool idea! Could really add up and save some stress from wedding expenses. Currently paying out of pocket and it would be such a great thing to have people support the biggest day of your life!”

“We’re all just looking out for each other,” Lynch said.

Lynch shared that she has received $60 dollars in donations and has donated roughly the same amount to others, with plans of donating more. She posted the idea on Thursday and responses continue to pile in.

A couple of dollars doesn’t seem like a lot, but it has the potential to add up quickly, and a bride that is watching their wedding expenses continue to pile up will look at those couple of dollars as a godsend.

Acts of kindness are priceless, and this one has the potential to have a large impact on a bride’s special day.

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