If you tuned into the Rock and Fox Show this week, you heard us talking about over a dozen reports of UFO sightings in Massachusetts in December of 2016 ALONE.

flying saucer arrived

Everyone loves a good UFO story - whether or not you believe in alien life, it's always somewhat intriguing to hear about the UFO someone says they saw that one time.

Michael Rock has claimed he's seen something he can't explain in the sky, Abby said she had, too and a couple of people we've run into since have also claimed they remember seeing some unidentified objects in the night sky.

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there were 16 reports of UFO's in Massachusetts in December of 2016...One of which was in NORTH DARTMOUTH! There was even another sighting in December in Plymouth.

So now we're curious. Have you ever seen something that's made you think twice about in the sky? Maybe even something you thought was strange enough to try to capture on video or in a picture? Let us know! We're intrigued!

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