The Red Sox are on the brink of clinching their third AL East championship in a row. It could happen as soon as tonight. For a couple of days this week, it was unknown where the title banner was located.

According to the Boston Globe, a 44-year-old Malden man says he found the banner after it blew off a truck on McGrath Highway during the Monday morning rush hour.

My initial reaction when I heard that the Red Sox didn't offer up any type of reward for bringing back the banner was disappointment in the team. Really? A working class guy finds the title banner blowing around on the highway, and you can't offer the guy a pair of late-season tickets? I mean, there are going to be plenty of seats available for the rest of September after the Red Sox clinch the AL East. God forbid you hook the guy up with a couple of tickets, or even a hot dog.

But after seeing a video that was made by the Boston Globe, I think I may have changed my mind. The guys all but said they were holding the banner for ransom. "In reciprocation, we would like to go to a nice playoff game, we're looking for something, we just don't want to hand it over to them. We need to negotiate, here."

The owner of the local business that created the banner for the Red Sox tells the Globe straight up: "Those guys stole my banner." Thinking about it, this doesn't seem to be a far-fetched theory. Who jumps out of their car on a crowded highway at 7 in the morning to grab a brown paper bag blowing around? No one, that's who. The owner thinks the guys stole the banner right out of the truck. What is your opinion?

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