I found a $20 bill and want to return it to its rightful owner.

Hear me out, everyone: this isn’t a regular $20 bill, it's a cool $20 bill.

I live on the internet so when I found this $20 bill in Fairhaven on Friday night, I knew in my gut it was important to someone, despite its appearance. Remember back in August when that one guy made a nationwide plea for the return of his sentimental $50 bill that his grandparents gave him 21 years ago?

I feel like this could be a little like that; not nationwide but still important.

The first thing you should know is that this $20 bill was not on the ground when I found it. It was placed on a fence post by someone else so that whoever was looking for it would find it. This indicates that the first person to find the bill also felt that someone would be looking for it once they realized it was gone.

Now the second most important thing to know about this $20 bill is how it looked. Not only is it clearly a very old bill, but it is torn into pieces that have been previously scotched taped back together, torn AGAIN, and are now paperclipped together. It is also VERY brittle and I feel like a real jerk for unclipping it as many times as I have already (sorry, True Owner, but I was curious).

And before you come at me with the “But you can still use it if there are three-quarters of a bill," there are not. This bill is totally unredeemable. Who would carry around a completely useless $20 bill if it wasn’t sentimental?

And by the way, the actual rule on that according to the Mutilated Currency Division is “Clearly more than 50 percent of a note identifiable as the United States currency is present, along with sufficient remnants of any relevant security feature and clearly more than one-half of the original note remains."

Now here I am, sort of making a reverse plea to the SouthCoast to help find this mutilated Jackson's true owner.

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