Another attempt to steal a football jersey worn by Tom Brady, but this time the thief didn't get very far.

We probably all remember the infamous stolen Brady jersey from Super Bowl LI and the use of Texas Rangers to track it down.

Well this new theft was not nearly as thrilling.

Nope, this time around a 33-year-old man from Rhode Island actually thought he could wear a Brady jersey out of the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Bold move for sure.

Perhaps he was just looking for authenticity for his Tom Brady Halloween costume. Maybe he just didn't want to swing the cost of a new jersey from the Patriots Pro Shop feet away.

But whatever his reason was, his attempt was weak.

Seems the guy bought a ticket to the Patriots Hall of Fame at Gillette, walked through like everyone else and at some point decided to put on a game-worn jersey of Tom Brady's that was on display and walk out.

He got as far as the parking lot before being caught red-handed (red shirted?) rocking the jersey under his jacket.

Foxboro Police say he had other items from inside the Hall of Fame on him as well, though only the jersey was specifically named so I guess it was much more minor stuff.

The unnamed man was obviously arrested and is being charged with larceny. He'll be arraigned Wrentham District Court.

But I think his raking over the coals by the court of public opinion might feel much worse.

Still he got to wear a jersey only Tom Brady has worn before. That's gotta be something to brag about despite getting caught.

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