It finally happened. After an over month-long run on Jeopardy, James Holzhauer has lost! And I feel all sorts of weird about it.

He played 32 games and won $2,462,216, but the streak is over.

As I said back in late April, the only way James is going to lose is if he doesn't get the Daily Doubles. And tonight he did not.

His competitor did, however, and she walked away the Jeopardy champion. And probably will become a fun trivia fact herself: "This player took down James Holzhauer on Jeopardy. Who is Emma Boettcher?"

The college librarian had her game face on and played really well. And in the end, she bested the legendary Jeopardy contestant and walked out with a nearly $50,000 payday.

But aren't we all just a little bummed James is gone? I really liked watching him play. And he had a great personality to boot.

Even his tweet about losing was delightful.

Ken Jennings has got to be a little thrilled, however. Both of his Jeopardy records will stand.

He still has the longest streak with 74 wins and the most winnings with $2,520,700.

It'll be a bit weird watching the show without James and probably not as exciting without his style of play. But it was a great run by a fantastic player and I'm sure he'll show up on Jeopardy tournaments for years to come.

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