Sure we're all talking about the final season of Game of Thrones, but we should also be talking about the amazing win streak happening on Jeopardy.

Are you watching James Holzhauer breaking records and kicking butts on Jeopardy night after night? I am obsessed with watching him play and absolutely blow everyone away.

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The man now has the Top 5 highest scoring games in Jeopardy history. He is that Top 5 list.

He ends up with at least double the winnings of the next closest contestant, more often four or five times as much in winnings. It's amazing!

And he's racking up the dough quicker than anyone has before.

In fact last night he broke the $1 million mark in just 14 games.

I think the only record he has left to break on the show is the longest win streak. That honor still goes to Ken Jennings, who won over $2.5 million in 74 games.

Holzhauer seems unstoppable right now, so he could certainly crush that record, too.

In the meantime, he is costing Jeopardy a lot of money. No idea what the winnings budget is, but he has to be making producers nervous.

And obviously making other contestants angry.

I absolutely love watching facial expressions and body language of the players who are getting flat out beat. Some look like they just want to throw that buzzer down and walk away.

So what's his deal, right? Seems like lots of knowledge and lots of luck mixed with lots of risky betting.

He is a professional gambler and his strategy of going "all in" on Daily Doubles is completely paying off. And he seems to hit all the Daily Doubles.

Every time we watch I say to my husband, the only way he's going to lose is if he gets no Daily Doubles.

Other than that, this streak could go on forever.

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