TV personality and star of West Coast Choppers Jesse James has lost his dog.

At the time of the dog's disappearance, James was in Rhode Island and claims his dog went missing in Newport. James is offering a hefty reward of $5,000 (after he upped the anti from the original $2,000 reward) for anyone who can help bring his little pup back to him.

According to NECN, his six-year old French bulldog went missing last Tuesday, so it's been a week exactly and there has been no update on the whereabouts of "Coco."

Having lost my cat once before, I can honestly say that it's one of the top five most upset moments of my life, and I felt incomplete when he ran away. Now, I understand that I can't afford to dish out $5,000 just like that, but trust me, if I had the cash at the time, I would have doubled that and offered a $10,000 prize. That's how much it hurt to be without him.

Sometimes our pets are our pride and joy. After all, they are a part of the family and are priceless when it comes to their safe return home.

I feel you, Jesse, and I truly hope Coco comes home ASAP.


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