I have loved reading since I was a kid. There is just something about getting a new book, creasing the spine for the first time, and diving into another world for a few hours.

I have grown quite the collection of books and my bookcase continues to fill up. While I enjoy my growing collection, my fiancé seemed to feel differently and bought me a Kindle last Christmas.

“Now you don’t have to keep filling up your bookcase!” he said.

His gift was incredibly thoughtful, but he neglected to think about the differences between a hardcover and an ebook. Call me old-fashioned, but I will always prefer a hardcover or paperback over a tablet.

There are so many cool features about my Kindle. I can use it in the sun with zero glare, it fits perfectly in my purse, and I have thousands of books right at my fingertips. I use it often – it was a generous gift, after all – but I tend to browse my bookcase, filled with stories I have collected over the years.

I miss turning the pages. I miss circling favorite quotes on the pages. I even miss the smell of the ink.

I have an emotional attachment to many of the books, but that attachment is disappearing now that a lot of my books are electronic. I don’t become invested in the story as easily and I hate that I don’t get to watch my collection grow because it’s sitting on a virtual shelf.

I fear for the death of the paperback, but I don’t think I will see the day, because I think most book lovers enjoy the original copy, in all of its written glory.

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