People from all over the world are hoping to land a cafe job on a remote Irish island and here's why.

It seems to me that Ireland could use more people.

Last summer an entire island started asking Americans to move there to keep their population going and now another Irish island is looking for folks to come and work.

If the world today has got you wanting to escape it all and head to a remote island, then this is most definitely the job for you. Honestly it sounds super appealing to me too.

Great Blasket Island (which I so read as Great Blanket Island in my head) is looking for a couple or two friends to move there from April 1, 2020 until October 2020 to live and run the island's hotel/cafe.

There are a few things to consider however. Seems Great Blasket Island pretty much has no electricity. There is one wind turbine on the island that will give you enough juice to charge your phone, but that's about it.

So I'm guessing wifi is out of the question?

Could be a great way to unplug for awhile. And the island does look beautiful with green hills,


and of course plenty of water views.

Sounds lovely for someone ready for an extended escape.


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