There are lots of cities and towns up and down the Atlantic Coast, but only a handful of them made a new list of the friendliest spots along that coast.

Although I'm pretty sure New England isn't known for it's friendliness, several New England towns did pop up on this list along with a few in New York, New Jersey and all the way south to Florida.

So which Massachusetts town made the list? There's only one and it's not too far for a daytrip visit.

If you need to stop somewhere kind for the weekend apparently you need to head to Yarmouth.

According to's 8 Friendliest Towns on the Atlantic Coast list, this Massachusetts town is at the top.

Credited with having an "enchanting coastline" as well as a "complex history", World Atlas notes that Yarmouth can give visitors the best of both worlds, a vibrant community nestled right next to tranquil nature preserves.

Perhaps its all the Colonial homes, quaint inns or beloved New England antique shops that give Yarmouth that "friendly, little town" vibe. Travelers with World Atlas certainly felt at ease when they swung through, placing the Massachusetts town near the top of their friendly list.

In fact the only Atlantic Coast town that topped it was nearby Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Like Yarmouth, Narragansett is a smaller New England town with sprawling beaches and plenty of history.

Though smaller than Yarmouth, Narragansett does have its fair share of visitors each summer and according to World Atlas the locals here treat guests very well and "contribute to the community's charm."

Other New England communities on the friendly list are Bar Harbor, Maine and Mystic, Connecticut, though in general the website notes that the entire Atlantic Coast is loaded with "a variety of fun experiences for visitors of all ages."

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