Out of 40 of the worst cities and towns to visit across the country, two of them are located right here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts -- if you're going to believe the rankings, that is.

A finance company called Mind Your Dollars has taken the time to filter out the best of the worst from the West to the East coast.

I'll be blunt: I don't agree with the chosen Massachusetts cities. But then again, it's not my survey.

The website factors in cleanliness, traffic, affordability, excitement, etc., to inform the public before making vacation plans. That's the overall gist of this list.

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The first city to explore on our list of places just might trigger those who enjoy the spooky season. Of course, I'm talking about ...


According to Mind Your Dollars, Salem is a place you should avoid traveling to, especially around Halloween, so as to avoid the influx of tourists

Here's their reasoning:

Salem has pretty much become a mecca for all things Halloween-related, thanks to its annual Haunted Happenings. The Salem News said most tourists seem to visit for “witch-related” reasons. However, there’s also the chance to visit plenty of historical landmarks, and Salem also has a world-class art museum.

Historical landmarks? A top-notch art museum? If they want to make Salem sound like a bad place to visit, they're not doing a very good job here.

If avoiding Salem because of the crowd is a reason to stay away, then you might want to reconsider going out in general these days. I've visited Salem during the holidays and, besides a spout of traffic here and there, it's a great place to bring the family.

Finally, there's the mecca of Massachusetts and this one makes sense to me:


As much as I love Boston, it's a stressful headache that lingers.

The traffic leading into the city is horrendous and parking is scarce, especially when the Red Sox, Bruins or Celtics are playing. The waterfront is gorgeous, but keep in my that it's extremely hot in the summer. According to Mind Your Dollars, even those who reside in and around the city are tired of the nonsense.

Locals in Boston consider the Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall to be tourist traps in every sense of the word.

Again, I didn't create this list and don't even fully understand it. In fact, other popular cities such as Baltimore, Chicago and Las Vegas are included -- and there's not much depth to the arguments against those cities, either.

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