In this busy world, it’s important to stop and smell the flowers.

While one Somerset woman was buying a beautiful bouquet, she was met with a random act of kindness that moved her to tears, proving that the smallest of gestures can make somebody’s day.

This woman, who chose to remain nameless, was shopping at Stop & Shop in Somerset on Tuesday. Her mother lives in a nursing home, and every two weeks, she brings her new flowers to brighten up the room. When she got to the register, a gentleman insisted that she go in front of him.

The woman shared the story about her mother with the gentleman behind her, and he was moved by her kindness.

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“He said that was nice and made the comment that a lot of people don’t even go to visit,” she said.

Not many go to visit or have the chance to.

“The cashier rang me out, and as I gave her the money, the gentleman said that he wanted to pay,” said the woman. “I had tears in my eyes.”

The woman said she was embarrassed by her tears and never got a chance to ask for the gentleman’s name, but she was incredibly grateful for the kind gesture.

“It caught me off guard, but it meant it a lot,” she said. “People have no idea what others have going on in their world. Most times people have no idea the burdens and struggles that other people are going through. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness has a profound effect.”

There are so many kind and wonderful people in the world, and this woman felt blessed to come across one.

The woman plans on paying it forward soon in order to keep the train of kindness rolling.

From the woman trying to make her mother smile, to the gentleman trying to make a stranger smile, these good vibes are the kind of vibes worth talking about.

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