Over the weekend, I came face to face with an issue that needs to be discussed.

The season for pumpkin beer is far too short and needs to be extended immediately. It’s not even November, but restaurants and bars are already out of the delicious, seasonal beverage.

This is my official petition to make pumpkin beer season much longer.

On Sunday, I went to a restaurant (that shall remain nameless) to enjoy some football and wings. The only way to make “Sunday Funday” even better was to pair my wings with an ice-cold pumpkin beer and cinnamon sugar rim, but I was smacked in the face with a harsh reality.

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“Unfortunately, we ran out, and we won’t be ordering any more,” said the waitress.

She explained to me that it was “too late in the season” to order anymore, and I was baffled.

How could it be too late? There is over a month left of the fall season and I plan on soaking it all in before sleigh bells and sugar plums take over.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of pumpkin-flavored coffee, but when it comes to pumpkin beer, I am the number one supporter. There is something so satisfying about the cinnamon sugar rim pairing perfectly with the pumpkin flavor, and I wanted that satisfying feeling for a lot longer than a few weeks.

This argument is seemingly brought up every fall season, but no one seems to listen. Is there a restaurant, brewery, or bar that will hear my cries?

Keep pumpkin beer around longer. The world would be a better place.

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