This summer has been insanely humid, and I have scientific proof!

I walked out of my house today and it felt like the air punched me in the face. It feels like it's been happening almost every day. The humidity seems insane. The air is thick, moist and disgusting. I mean, I love summer just as much as the next guy, but this is something out of the depths of hell.

I'm over here checking my weather apps and seeing 93 degrees, and I just feel like they're either lying, or the humidity is actually that oppressive.

Apparently it IS, in fact, the humidity. It's been insane this summer, and I have proof thanks to our friends at ABC6. The graphic shows the number of hours we've had of 70 degrees or higher dew points this year. Compared to years past, you can see that the humidity is trying to slowly kill us this summer.

Photo Courtesy of ABC6
Photo Courtesy of ABC6

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