If you're someone who wears glasses, I guarantee you can relate to this article.

I wore glasses for 24 years until very recently when I decided to have Lasik eye surgery. I started wearing glasses when I was 9, then got contacts at 15 and from that point on, I switched back and forth between the two.

During my years of wearing glasses, I discovered a few things...see if you can relate:

Looking for my glasses was always a challenge. How can I find something to help me see, when I cannot see to find it?! That always drove me insane! I can't find my glasses because I can't see to find them! Oh so frustrating.

Every time it rained...I would make a special effort to wear my contacts on rainy days, because it's just annoying to have rain drops on my glasses and constantly have to wipe them. I wished I could have put tiny windshield wipers on my glasses!

Going in the ocean or a pool...can't wear glasses in there, ok, so I'll go with contacts. Can't open my eyes under water with contacts...Ok, so I'll skip both...oh, wait, then everything under water is blurry.  Womp. Womp. Womp.

Exercising in glasses. Maybe this is just me, cause I've never noticed sweaty people in the gym constantly pushing up their glasses. I always had to though, no matter what, glasses would fall down my face constantly while I was exercising...so annoying! Sometimes even when I was wearing contacts, I'd start to push up my 'glasses' with my finger, cause I was so used to wearing them and having them fall down! Then after just hitting my face with my finger, I realize...oh, right...not wearing my glasses today. D'oh!

Never being able to wear sunglasses! Well, unless I got prescription ones or little lens thingies to go under my glasses. I never did either, so back to my first point of never being able to wear sunglasses :(.

Getting into a hot car, walking outside on a hot day...any situation where a temperature changes drastically from cold to hot. Fogged up glasses like whoa.

And lastly, smudges. Smudges everywhere! No matter how often I'd clean my glasses, they'd be dirty again or smudgy in no time. Sometimes I'd look at them and see how dirty they were and wonder how the heck I was ever seeing anything out of them at all!!

I'm so happy I finally decided to get Lasik eye surgery, because now these little annoyances are a thing of the past!! They were all things that I noticed and just dealt with, but now, I notice it even more that I don't have to do any of these things anymore! If you wear glasses, I'm sure these are all things you deal with regularly too.

I'm tellin' ya, Lasik surgery was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Dr. Kenyon and his staff at Eye Health Vision Centers are amazing and if you're thinking about getting Lasik yourself, I highly recommend it!