Andrea Vigus of Dartmouth noticed something was very wrong with how some motorists are dealing with school buses stopping to pick children up and dropping them off. She posted about how a USPS truck illegally passed a school bus in front of her house on Friday, December 2nd.
"Something needs to be done before more children are hurt, or worse. Vehicles are passing stopped buses while they're loading/unloading children. It's happening frequently and as a community we need to find a way to make it stop! Not one, but two vehicles passed the stopped bus in front of our house this morning. On Friday, a USPS truck tried to pass - on the INSIDE, on the grass, in front of our house when the bus stopped to drop the kids off. People can't wait one minute?! Seriously, this is getting worse!"
Some further investigation led Vigus to offer this important advice. If you see traffic violations involving school buses happen:
"1. Note the time and bus #. (and the street name if you know it) This step is very important in retrieving the footage.
2. Call the School Department on Bush St. (508-997-3391). Ask them to request the video from Tremblay bus company. Tremblay will go over the footage, clip that portion, and send it to the school department. Officer Joe Vieira, the school resource officer, is also involved. The offenders will start getting punished (and fined....$250 for the first offense, $500 for the second, $1000 for the third....). It certainly can't hurt to try!"

While these instruction cater to Dartmouth specifically, members of all communities should pay close attention to the time and bus number if they witness an incident. Contact the school department as soon as possible with the information. It may be hard to see a license plate of the passing vehicle, but also worth a shot.

The Dartmouth Police Department has also weighed in on the subject.

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