For the first time in his presidency, President Joe Biden is paying a visit to the SouthCoast of Massachusetts on Wednesday.

In case you hadn't heard, the president is taking the opportunity to celebrate the former Brayton Point coal plant's transition to an offshore wind manufacturing site. The purpose of the visit was to highlight the importance of the climate change issue.

Biden flew into T.F. Green Airport before his motorcade led him into Somerset.

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We were awfully touched that on his way to the Brayton Point site, the busiest man on the planet took a minute to call Michael and Maddie to say hi.


During the call, Biden didn't speak about how he was going to get a hold of the nation's inflation crisis or how oil supply can be boosted to bring down the demand on oil.

Honestly, that's probably best. We really aren't a politically driven show.

That being said, the president may have inadvertently solved one of the biggest SouthCoast mysteries of the week when he pulled back the curtain about what might have happened to Westport's missing fork in the road sculpture:

Well, I was eating a big salad.  A really big salad, and I didn't have a fork, ya know?  So I had the Secret Service go down to that old River Road in Westport and get that big fork, just for a minute. But it seems like it's a slow news day in New Bedford.  So, it's headline news out there for some reason. C'mon man!  It's no big deal.  For crying out loud, if I want to borrow a huge fork from Westport, I'm gonna do it.  I'm the president for crying out loud.  I mean, c'mon man!

The Westport fork hadn't reappeared by day's end. Your move, Mr. President.

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