Since we are rushing in the fall with pumpkin spice everything, we might as well start talking about making a trip to Salem to get us in the Halloween spirit, right?

Like many of us, I'm starting to just plan ahead for next year but also don't want to completely forget that fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It's also one of the most beautiful seasons here in New England. After this past wet and chilly weekend, I'm definitely in the autumn mood now.

A co-worker of mine mentioned taking a trip to Salem to get into the fall spirit before they even go and get their first pumpkin spice anything.

I actually have never visited Salem so I actually started digging as to what we can still do there during the pandemic.

I came across the Facebook page for the Hollywood Horror Museum, which showcases the history of some of our favorite horror films. I reached out to them but they are closed until 2021. Ugh! Totally bummed. Learning about all the legendary horror movies would have been awesome.

Then I landed on the Salem Wax Museum, which houses multiple attractions, including a haunted house.

I reached out to them to make sure they were still doing tours before I decide to make the trip up to Salem and thankfully, they still are. Right now you can just walk up and purchase a ticket during their normal business hours. They are still unsure what October is going to look like, so I'm thinking I might get my scares in now.

So if it's not too early for pumpkin spice then it's not too early to get some spooky times in. Who is with me?

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