Spring Restaurant Week really has my creative juices flowing.

Restaurant Week is in full swing at Persy's Place on Route 6 in Dartmouth.

Back by popular demand is another infamous challenge known as the "Hash Dash". We were so happy to include the community in "Feed Me Freestones" that we couldn't resist throwing them into the mix today at Persy's.

I'm not going to lie when I tell you that Persey's brought us the BEST hash, cornbread, and fish cakes known to man. I was stuffed by the end of our LIVE broadcast.

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Now, I couldn't have a challenge without this hash. It would be a crime. So here's the deal, we announced that I would be doing the dash with hash. This meant I would be running out hash to locals on their daily commute on Route 6.

Soon home fries, cornbread and the whole "9 yards" would be included in the challenge.

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Persy's Place offers a plethora of meals for eaters who want to indulge in the ultimate breakfast, brunch and lunch cravings. Offering over 20 omelettes and 8 different versions of Benedict's, this hometown staple holds true to their word- they really do have everything. With an easy to find location, this is not a restaurant you want to miss out on.

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Check out the video above to see what went down today at Persy's Place.

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