It's been my favorite beer for years so I'm excited to partner with Peroni to not only share this crisp, clean, refreshing beverage with you but get you some sweet prizes.

Peroni Beer wants to elevate your grill game with an Ooni gas-powered pizza oven just for enjoying their beer.


All you need to do is stop by any participating locally owned restaurant on the SouthCoast now through the end of summer (see below). While enjoying your Peroni, snap a selfie and send it to us on the free Fun 107 app.

You can also make sure you're ready by downloading the app now.

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We make it easy because at each location, you'll find a QR code that takes you right to the app so you can submit your photos. We can't wait to see these.

The more restaurants you visit and take a selfie at, the better your chances of winning. So, what restaurants are participating? Here is the complete list:

Mesa 21, Fall River

The Black Bass, Dartmouth,

Inner Bay Cafe, New Bedford

Nuno's, New Bedford

Carmine's, New Bedford

Profile Tavern, Freetown

Bocca, Fairhaven

BrewFish, Marion

Rose Alley, New Bedford

Look at those restaurants. I could easily visit all of them within the next month. Oh, and I almost forgot: We have a goody bag of Peroni swag to give away, too. Another good reason to enter on the app.


This looks like the perfect picnic.

All right, it's time for you to get out and enjoy my favorite beer. I always have a six-pack in my fridge just in case.


No, I'm not drinking while working, I promise.

Can't wait to see your selfies. Get on that tour of Italy so you can invite me over for some pizza from your new grill.

Download the Fun 107 app now or scan the QR code at a participating restaurant. We can't wait to see your photos!

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