On Friday the PawSox made the announcement that they have plans to relocated to Worcester and fans are not thrilled with the news.

Whether or not the Pawtucket Red Sox would stay at McCoy Stadium much longer has been a topic of conversation in Rhode Island for quite some time.

But seems the team is actually going to leave after the announcement Friday August 17th that they have committed to building a brand new $90 million stadium in Worcester.

The new stadium would move the team about 40 miles North to a new development that would include the stadium, two hotels, apartments, parking and retail space.

And as good as that sounds for Worcester, PawSox fans are not convinced yet.

Many people are upset about the planned move, including author and massive Red Sox fan Stephen King.

He wasn't the only one to tweet about the news, but definitely one of the most notable.

The PawSox have been playing at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket for 77 years, so an emotional reaction from fans isn't unexpected.

Regardless, it seems the team will be making the move to Massachusetts. So if you are one of the upset fans make sure you get to McCoy over the next couple of summers.

If all stays on track, the PawSox will be the WooSox in the next two years.

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