It's the Red Sox versus the White Sox this Friday night at Fenway, but the color those sox make together is what everyone will be wearing at the ballpark.

Think pink this weekend when the Boston Red Sox throw a Barbie theme night at Fenway, dubbed (Ken)way for just one night.

Yes, the biggest movie of the summer is now streaming too and the Red Sox are going to celebrate in Boston with music and merchandise Barbie style.

What Happens at Boston Red Sox Barbie Night?

Whether you are a Barbie fan or not, its going to be a fun Friday night at (Ken)way. The Red Sox have a pregame Pink Party happening on the Sam Deck, which overlooks the ballpark from left field.

Music will be played, presumably Barbie soundtrack music, and those with tickets to start their night here will also receive a limited-edition Red Sox Barbie t-shirt. You can choose the pink or the blue, but both come swirly pink Barbie lettering and pink hearts with sox inside them.

Future collectors items for sure.

Those not at the Pink Party will still be able to enjoy the theme of the night by dressing in pink themselves and dancing the night away in the park.

Fans seemed pretty split on the news, with many saying the theme was great and makes them want to go to the game on Friday night. Others were less than excited with the (Ken)way plan simply saying "please no" or "you're kidding".

Whether you are into the biggest hit of the summer or not, the Pink Party will be raging on at (Ken)way park this Friday night.

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