Almost every day David Duran makes fun of my food. I typically pack my lunch for work each day, but how many people are doing the same?

I'm pretty sure he's not making fun of me for packing my lunch, but rather the healthy foods I pack in it. He has repeatedly told me to "eat a Big Mac." And it's not that I don't eat Big Macs (cause I totally do, they are delicious), I just don't eat that way every day.

Whether it's for health reasons or financial reasons, packing a lunch is so much better for you. So how many people are actually doing it?

I think as far as Fun 107 goes, I'm in the minority. Ordering food seems to be more the norm, but most days I'll still eat my sandwich, chips or whatever leftovers from the night before I might pack myself.

It's certainly cheaper. One report showed that packing yourself food every day can save you about $30 a week. That's $120 a month or $1500 a year! What could you do with an extra $1500?

Not to mention the calories! Heading out for the Big Mac would mean consuming around 2,100 calories. Whereas my usual sandwich and chips combo runs me around 500 calories. Huge difference!

Now I know taking the time to pack a lunch each day isn't what most people want to do first thing in the morning, but sites like BlueHealth Advantage can help with weekly planning and ideas to mix things up. Plus getting food deliveries like sent to your workplace can keep healthy snacks on hand at all times, so packing food for the whole day isn't always necessary.

So what's your routine? Are you a lunch packer or a take out eater?