Britney Spears is showing the world that not all quarantine haircuts are bad. She’s bringing back her iconic bangs and I am so here for it.

She took to Instagram while she was sunbathing, saying, “I did it I finally cut my bangs." Sorry, girlfriend, but the majority of people aren’t looking at your bangs when your banging bod is displayed in your bikini.

Nevertheless, I am loving the new haircut for a couple of reasons.

Britney was my absolute idol when I was a kid, much like every other little girl growing up in the 90s. I had every CD and every accessory with her face on it. She was the reason I asked my mom to take kitchen scissors to my hair and give me bangs back in 1999. I immediately regretted that decision, especially because the following day was school picture day and I didn’t look anything like the flawless Britney.

When Britney had her monumental breakdown in the mid-2000s, it broke my heart. I watched the girl who I thought was absolutely perfect completely unravel. I loved her, but not enough to shave my head along with her.

I was so ecstatic to see her attempt to make a return to the spotlight a few years back, and even though it didn’t work out the way she had planned, she showed the world that she bounced back. I’ll forever be a Britney fan, and seeing her bring that iconic hairstyle brought me down memory lane in the best way. Time to go find my CD player so I can really relive the good days.

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