There is so much that we don't know about COVID-19. We are still learning details about how it spreads, about how to treat COVID patients, and about how it affects kids and adults.

Even though there are countless things we don't know about COVID, there's one thing we certainly know: each person is handling social distancing differently. I'd be willing to bet that if you gathered 100 people in a room – masked and socially distant, of course – you'd get 100 differences in the way each person socially distances.

The other certainty is that most people feel like the way they choose to be socially distant is THE right way – with a very real emphasis on THE.

Am I more strict than some when it comes to social distancing? Probably. Am I less strict than others? Absolutely.

I tend to be someone who follows the restrictions and regulations that are put out by the state. Right or wrong, I'm a busy guy, so I tend to put my faith in the people that look at this stuff day in and day out. If, for example, the state's health experts feel it is safe to work out at a gym, go to the beach, eat inside a restaurant, or get my haircut, I'll do it.

My sister, on the other hand, chooses to continue to avoid some of the activities that are now permitted in her state but may have some level of risk. I get it, and I respect that. To each their own.

It got me wondering how many people impose regulations on their own family activities that are stricter than state guidelines.

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