NOTD and Georgia Ku have been on the rise with their new hit "So Close," and they came to Fun 107 to perform an acoustic version live.NOTD is quite the duo. If you haven't heard of them yet, then you definitely need to go check them out right now. This young duo is set to do big things in the music industry. Now, you'll notice I said YOUNG duo. Tobias Danielsson (ToWonder) and Samuel Brandt (Severo) are just teenagers. Their story is pretty crazy how they met and how they came to form NOTD (which is pronounced noted). You can find out more about how they got to where they are in their interview with me.

They also were kind enough to bring Georgia Ku along with them, who has been killing the game in her own right as a writer for years. She actually is one of the songwriters on "Scared to Be Lonely" with Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa. She may be small, but her voice is definitely not!

They were an absolute blast to have in the studio and have visit. Again, I can't stress enough that you NEED to go check them out. Conveniently, I can give you a taste of what they do right here.

Here they are performing an acoustic version of  "Scared to Be Lonely," which again, was written by Georgia Ku.

Now check out NOTD and Georgia Ku performing an acoustic version of their hit single "So Close."

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