Ever wonder what Super Mario can do for your sleep cycle? Nintendo's got what you need to snooze a little better.

According to the Huffington Post, the 100+ year-old gaming company is developing new technology that will monitor how tired you are and how you sleep.

Of course, devices that help your health isn't anything new to Nintendo. The Wii was a huge success with it's easy-to-use motion gaming, especially with the Wii Fit.

The new sleep device will give you feedback on your body and the quality of sleep you're getting, all without touching you. It tells you things like, "Your deep sleep was short last night. If heartburn or other stomach problems disturb your sleep, try lying on your left side."

To help make the device more legitimately health based, Nintendo is working with a medical technology company called ResMed to develop it. The new device doesn't have a set price or a name yet, but it's expected to be available before the end of March 2016.