Guy Fieri is no stranger to Rhode Island. He has shown love to the Ocean State countless times on his various food shows, but now, he’s leaving it up to his team of chefs to venture through one of the most beautiful places in Rhode Island.

Newport gets the spotlight on Fieri’s new show, Best Bite in Town, and the dish that was crowned may surprise you.

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Best Bite in Town on the Food Network

Crafted from the mind of Guy Fieri, the King of Flavortown calls upon Noah Cappe and a few of his chef friends to help find the most delectable dishes in towns from coast to coast, airing every Friday at 9 pm on the Food Network.

For its 8th episode of the first season, Cappe, Chef Shota Nakajima, and Chef Tiffani Faison were tasked with tasting their way through Newport, Rhode Island.

“Once in town, they check out the culinary scene to see which restaurants have the best food,” said Food Network. “They’ll taste everything from chowder and noodles to burgers and biscuits in the hunt for what they think is the most amazing dish.”

So, What Is the Best Bite in Newport?

During the episode, the judges visited Mission, Giusto, Yagi Noodles, Flo’s Clam Shack, Stoneacre Brassiere, and Perro Salad to try two dishes at each spot.

Food Network
Food Network

What’s Up Newp shared the menu at each restaurant that the judges chowed down on.

Mission: Bacon Cheeseburger and Taylor Ham and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Guisto: Scotch Meatball and Street Corn Ravioli

Yagi Noodles: Squash Blossom Rangoon and Tantanmen Bowl

Flo’s Clam Shack: A Stuffie and Chowder

Stoneacre Brassiere: Tuna Flash and Duck Confit

Perro Salado: Sticky Ribs and a Lobster Quesadilla.

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After the epic taste testing, the judges nominated three dishes to a panel of culinary judges to determine the ultimate winner.

Mission’s Taylor Ham and Egg Breakfast Sandwich, Guiso’s Scotch Meatball, and Stonacre Brassiere’s Duck Confit were the top three contenders.

In the end, it was Mission who took home the coveted title of “Best Bite in Town.”

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Surprisingly, seafood didn't take the crown, but it turns out, Mission can whip up a mean breakfast.

The restaurant received $5,000 and another $5,000 to donate to their favorite charity,

They donated that $5,000 to Universal Promise, an education fund to achieve and sustain equity in South Africa.




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Newport’s episode can be found on the Best Bite in Town YouTube page, and consider this your starting point the next time you venture into Newport.

Catch Best Bite Town every Friday at 9 pm on the Food Network.

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