From an extremely successful culinary show on the Travel Channel to his iconic hairstyle and outlandish fashion sense, Guy Fieri has cemented his name in the world of food.

You would think that a celebrity chef like him would want his name in lights at any restaurant that he was affiliated with, but it turns out that Fieri has taken the more modest route and has created a growing list of ghost kitchens that bring his “Flavortown Kitchen” to thousands of people, with two locations close to the SouthCoast.

So, what is a ghost kitchen?

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It is simply a professional food preparation and cooking facility set up for the preparation of delivery-only meals, which have been growing in popularity since the start of the pandemic. It’s a brand that functions under the umbrella of another restaurant, and in Guy Fieri’s case, that umbrella is New England based-Italian chain Bertucci’s.

Bertucci’s started in 1981 in Somerville with a brick oven pizza at its center. According to Eater Boston, Bertucci’s is owned by Robert Earl of Earl Enterprises. Earl is also the co-founder of Virtual Dining Concepts, which is where Earl’s and Fieri’s paths cross, with the creation of Flavortown Kitchen.

You can find the closest ghost kitchens in Plymouth on Plaza Way and in Warwick, Rhode Island on Post Road. I have lived in the Warwick area for 27 years and have passed Bertucci’s hundreds of times without realizing that it was home to Flavortown.

I’m a little picky about my Italian food and tend to lean toward family-owned places, but now that I know I’ve been missing out on Jalapeno Pig Poppers and The Chicken Guy! Classic this entire time, I may have to drop in this weekend.

Find all of Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen locations here.

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