Sunsets are a beautiful thing, so here's a list of where to find the BEST sunsets in America according to Expedia.

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    Grand Canyon, Arizona

    Not only does the Grand Canyon have beautiful landscaping but also has miraculous sunsets.

  • photo by Andys Walks in the World via Facebook
    photo by Andys Walks in the World via Facebook

    Key West, Florida

    Key West is the perfect spot if you want to watch the sun set right on the water.

  • photo by Jody Murto via facebook
    photo by Jody Murto via facebook

    Wailuku, Hawaii

    Hawaii is a beautiful place all around, but in Wailuku, you can find legendary sunsets.

  • photo from Live Vibrantly via Facebook
    photo from Live Vibrantly via Facebook

    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

    Again, Hawaii is the place to be for sunsets.

  • photo by Trina Haines via Facebook
    photo by Trina Haines via Facebook

    Glenwoods Springs, Colorado

    Not only does this place have beautiful mountains to look at, it also has a pretty sky to go along with it.

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    Seattle, Washington

    When the rain clears up here and all the gray clouds disappear, there's actually beautiful sunsets to be seen.

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    Santa Barbara, California

    Remember in that U2 song where he sings "the blood orange sunset brings you to your knees"? Well they weren't lying.

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    Apalachicola, Florida

    In Apalachicola, they actually have sunset boat tours.

  • Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    Seriously, go to Hawaii if you want to see an amazing sunset.

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    Ely, Minnesota

    This place is for adventurous people who love the outdoors, and who also love amazing views of the sky.

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    Spencer, Iowa

    Okay, nobody really goes to Iowa for anything, but the rustic town of Spencer has such pretty sunset views, 10 out of 10 would recommend.

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    Moab, Utah

    With the red and orange canyons along with the sunsets, it's hard to find a nicer view.

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    Lihue, Hawaii

    I'm telling you, Go. To. Hawaii.  Gorgeous everywhere but especially their sunset at the beach.

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    Lamar Colarado

    Through the cumulonimbus clouds, there's always beautiful colors that paint the sky.

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    Mankato, Minnesota

    Countryside sunsets are so peaceful and pretty, aren't they?

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    Miami, Florida

    Sunrise and sunset over the Atlantic Ocean? Yes!

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    Barstow, California

    This desert landscape is the best spot to see a sunset right from your car.

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    Kodiak, Alaska

    Alaska has it all for sky productions, they have the Northern lights AND pretty sunsets.

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    Los Angeles, California

    Of course Los Angeles was going to be on the list, nothing beats a sunset shining on the Hollywood sign.

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    New Bedford, Massachusetts

    Last but not least, New Bedford made the list with its tangerine sunsets over the water.  Always a beautiful view weather you're over looking the harbor, in the south end at the beach or even driving over the New Bedford Fairhaven Bridge.

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