Two local bartenders had quite the weekend, thanks to a generous customer.

Sarah Andrews and Shawnessy Turbak bartend at the popular Knuckleheads sports bar and grill on MacArthur Drive in New Bedford. On Friday night, August 4th, the two ladies were going about their business, mixing up cocktails and cracking open ice-cold beers when a gentleman decided to leave them with an interesting tip.

It was a $5 scratch ticket from the Mass State Lottery.

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A gentleman by the name of Brandon Gagne had just finished off his drinks after a long week at work and decided to give back to the two bartenders in a rather unique way.

"He told us 'I'm gonna get you guys some scratch tickets for your tip' and Shawnessy and I were like 'Yes perfect, thank you!'," Andrews explained.

Gagne purchased three $5 scratchers, all of the same kind. The first ticket was not a winner, the second was a $100 winner (which the women were stoked about) and finally, the third scratch ticket was a jackpot of a winner. Andrews and Shawnessy had two matching numbers- lucky number '21' that scored them $10,000.

"I thought I was reading it wrong for a good 15 seconds," Andrews said, "I thought the comma was a period, but then I realized it was indeed a comma and we were $10,000 richer."

The bartenders will be splitting the prize money as well as giving back a tip of their own to Gagne as a thank-you for the winning ticket in the first place.

"I'm going to buy some extra things for my kids for school, especially my daughter who starts kindergarten this fall," Andrews said, "My son is going into 5th grade, so he’s getting all bougie with his things and shoes, but the rest I’m not touching at all- saving it for a rainy day."

As a bonus, today, August 7th is Andrew's birthday and she's had quite the lucky weekend.

I am curious how bartenders within the industry feel about this situation. Sure, it's great knowing you could score ten grand, but if it's a dud, then you're heading home with nothing. Join in on the conversation. What do you think about this? Shoot me an email at or on the Fun 107 app.

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