One lucky winner gambled $5 on a Massachusetts lottery game in Dartmouth and walked away with a $1 million winning ticket.

On Friday the 13th, a day that's meant to be unlucky to the superstitious, turned out to be extremely lucky for one lottery player. Cumberland Farms at 244 Russells Mills Road sold the winning scratch ticket.

According to Mass Live, the winning ticket holder has yet to be identified but will be granted $650,000 after taxes (or $50,000 per year for 20 years. That's still plenty enough money for the average person to restart their life or pay off their mortgage and then some.

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The scratch ticket game is aptly called $1,000,000 Cash, and has overall odds of winning some money of 1 in every 4.03 tickets sold. As far as your chances to score a million bucks, you're looking more at 1 in every 5,040,000 tickets sold.


Since Friday, several smaller winnings have happened throughout the SouthCoast, including:

  • $3,756 on The Numbers Game at Sam's Food Store in New Bedford
  • $2,500 on Megabucks Doubler at Jason's Variety in Acushnet
  • $2,500 on Megabucks Doubler at Somerset Country Store in Somerset
  • $1,350 on Keno at Danny's Seafood Restaurant in New Bedford
  • $1,000 on Keno at JT's Pub in Acushnet

Good luck scratching and may the odds forever be in your favor.

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